November 26, 2012


Ah, wine.  Poets and playwrights have extolled its virtues.  It is a part of ancient rituals worldwide.  Both an art form and a beverage, wine means something different to everyone.  Wine can elevate an already elegant meal to otherworldly heights, or add class to a simple homemade pasta dinner.

Wine is simultaneously a drink of the everyman (talk to any Italian who says they began drinking from rustic jugs of wine as young children) and a mark of money(see: the exorbitant prices of wine on any wine menu, ever).

I am not a wine snob--I'd rather call myself a wine lover.  I am discerning in the wine I choose to imbibe and purchase, but I do so from a place of passion.  I love wine that has been made with at least little heart and soul, but will relish a bottle of wine that was $7.99 from Costco as much as the $100 bottle purchased directly from the winery.

I will dive into my wine philosophy in subsequent posts, but I hope for this blog inspire you guys to share the same passion I do for wine. I want to share with you all how to appreciate a bottle of wine without feeling like a pretentious snob.  I want to tell you all about my adventures in tasting rare and hard to find varietals.  As an unabashed lover of food, I may even share with you some of my favorite recipes that pair beautifully with wine.  And I will most certainly share in my search for finding the best deals in wine--because above all, wine should be drunk with abandon, and not hoarded because it was too darn expensive to enjoy.

I hope you will all enjoy me on this little adventure of mine!  Welcome--and, of course: Cheers!

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