January 7, 2013

And We're Back!

First of all, a Happy New Year to all of you who have continued to read thus far.  I hope you had the most peaceful and relaxing of holidays!  I took a (somewhat unplanned) blogging vacation, to spend time with my loved ones AND get ready for some exciting things to come in 2013!

Last toast to Christmas!

Plans for the New Year on this blog:

  • As I am gaining more technical wine knowledge through some wine classes of my own, I hope to offer some of my own takeaways here.  The wine world can be daunting, but not if you have a little help. I'll sort out what you need to look for on a label of German wine so you know EXACTLY what you are getting. 
  • More food and wine pairings.  Yes, there are the traditional pairings of whites with seafood and reds with beef...but these don't always hold up.  Some rules were made to be bent, and I'm going to find out what they are.  
  • I have some fun and informative tastings and wine flights lined up.  I know I don't have a bottomless bank account, and I'm sure most of my readers don't either, so while these may not be a once-a-week blog activity, they will be affordable.

There will be more to come, I'm sure!  Sound off in the comments if there is anything you'd like to see in the New Year. Cheers!

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